70th Birthday Party

June 23-24-25, 2017


Tell us what you enjoyed / did NOT enjoy about the 50th ReUnion
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  1. Pete Masyga says:

    It was great fun and good seeing so many people there. Thank you to all that helped this to happen!!!

  2. Jane Thurley Petit says:

    Terrific photos – looks like everyone was having a great time catching up with former classmates (wish I was there!). Thanks for posting them so quickly – those of us who couldn’t make it, feel like we are there anyway (minus the conversations). Keep posting those pictures and THANKS! Jane : )

  3. Carole Millam says:

    The class reunion was a great success and I would like to thank everybody for all the hard work they put into this. The food was great this year on Sat. What fun and now I guess we wait another couple years. Carole

  4. Margie Beckman Butler says:

    Thanks to everyone on the planning committee!! This was the BEST reunion ever!! We are blessed to have a group like you guys who devote so much time and resources into our reunions. It is obvious to me that age has improved our class. Life is good. And these reunions remind us of the important things in life. Again, Thank you!

  5. Wayne Morris says:

    What a great time at the Medicare Reunion! A very big THANK YOU to all those on the committee for all the planning and preparation that went into this event. A touching tribute at Woodlawn Cemetery Saturday morning to remember those classmates who have died and for the memories that were shared. Looking forward to our 50th in 2015.

  6. Jack Keiper says:

    I attended Friday night at the legion, golfed on Saturday, and was there Saturday night at the Elks. I really enjoyed myself at all the events and got reacquainted with a lot of class mates. My thanks go out to all those who made this happen (what a GREAT job). Also thank-you to all of you who had to travel so we could all get together and make this occasion so special. I hope you all have a save trip home. Hopefully if all goes well, we can see every one again in three years.
    Good luck and all the best
    Jack Keiper

  7. Lee Turner says:

    It was a great time! Thanks to all who made it possible! Well worth the twenty-hour round-trip – I think we’ll fly next time.

  8. Kathy Kronebusch Turner says:

    Yes, the Medicare Reunion was fantastic. If you didn’t make it this time, mark 2015 as a year you will be there! The planning committee did a fabulous job. Thank You! It is wonderful to see the posted pictures so soon after the reunion and I’m sure those who could not make it will enjoy them. It was great to be able to talk to and catch up on what has been happening with many members of our class.

  9. Pamela Peterson Fennig says:

    This has to be the best reunion we have had!!! Friday and Saturday nights were so much fun. The music Sat was terrific and my old bones held out until the next day!
    It was so nice to see so many people attend that weren’t there in the past.
    Thank you to the planning committee for doing such a wonderful job and also a very special thanks to Dave Kulas for his fantastic computer skills, wow, he was quick getting everything on line.
    Thank you Judy Cocker for always being right on top of things, you work so hard all the time so it is very important for everyone to know how much it is appreciated.
    We have the best class ever!!!

  10. David Becker says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments above: attributing this reunion as the best ever. The food was really great! We really are blessed as a class, not only on having a great committee but also in having a lot of folks participate. What a joy to see old classmates and develop new friendships. The down side to all of this is waiting until 2015. 🙁 I’m ready to party again!

    I suppose at some point in the future our walkers will get tangled up on the dance floor…now there is a sight!

    Best wishes to all of you…and remember, everyday is a gift!

  11. Mary Singer says:

    The medicare reunion was a HUGE success! Thanks to Dave and Judy, Kathjy and all who worked so hard. Thanks to Bill for your keen sense of humor and for continuing to share it with us. Thank you to Canon John Schramm for your faitth in the Lord and leading us in prayer at the remembrance ceremony.
    Friday night we did not wear nametags and everyone was asking each other who was who HAHA! Sat. we were all laughing about it! I too got out and danced and it was worth every ache and pain! I cannot wait till the 2015 reunion. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

  12. John Durfey says:

    I too want to express my thanks to all of you who made the weekend so terrific. Dave,
    thanks for getting us connected, Judy, Bill and anyone else that put their heart into making this reunion happen, THANKS! you deserve a lot of credit. Looking forward to the 50th. It was a blast to visit with so many of you, especially all of the beautiful women who looked fantastic!

  13. DD Loeken Abrams says:

    Don and I look forward to these great Winona celebrations! We dont have a lot relatives there anymore and any reason to get home is so welcome. Really enjoyed seeing some people I havent seen for many many years. I really think people have gotten better with age. Great company, great food, that handsome Bill Roth for an MC what more could we want. The music was especially good this year too. Thanks to that committee, your all the BEST. You are appreciated very much. DD

  14. Claire Freudenthal Horton says:

    I agree with my classmates….it was THE BEST ever reunion. Thankyou Judy, Dave, Bill, Kathy and to ALL who made it so memorable and enjoyable. I especially enjoyed seeing those classmates who have not been to the more recent reunions. We are so fortunate to have each other to share memories with and to recognize the value of sharing our past, present and futures with each other. Love you all! Claire


    This was a great reunion. I loved talking to everyone. Drank too much Friday night.(usually two glasses of wine.Think I had four) will be in rehab soon. Sat. was so much fun(danced too much but didn’t drink much(therapy due to the TWIST). Sunday, the picnic and was alittle slower preparing for the rehab and therapy.

    Loved every minute with everyone. John Durfey where were you? I missed seeing you. Thanks to the committee, you did a mighty fine job.

    Got my wine glass and dancin shoes ready for the next one.

  16. Tom Gunn says:

    How large was our class?

  17. Ruth Ann (Speltz) Roffler says:

    I haven’t attended a class reunion since our 25th but am looking forward to next year and being a part of the activities for our 50th.

    Thanks to the committee for all their efforts and hard work.


    Ruth Roffler

  18. John durfey says:

    Can I still get in on the golf game? Where do I send the money if it’s still open?

  19. Nancy Krier Hull says:

    thank you so very much for all the hard work you put into our reunions. It has always been so fun to listen to stories, learn about everyone’s growing families and even stories we don’t remember or have tried to forget. Was wonderful to listen to the graduation video and the memorial video. Thank you for that and also Jim, thanks for the map….fun to see the areas we all ended up in. Hope you all have happy and healthy days until we get together again.

    Nancy Krier

  20. Lee Turner says:

    Wow! What a great reunion! Thanks again to those who so selflessly made it happen. Thanks also to all those who made Beth so welcome. Count on us to be at any future editions. Perhaps it’s time to buy a bottle of fine cognac to be consumed with appropriate toasting by those present at last official gathering of the Class of 1965.
    Check out the map…Beth and I are in central Michigan just outside Clare, home of Cops and Doughnuts (copsanddoughnuts.com). Visitors from the class are always welcome. We live in the woods on 25 acres of northern hardwood with bluegills and perch in the pond and trout in the adjoining Tobacco River. Just give us a little notice so that we can prepare for your arrival. Note that we are two hours north of Michigan International Speedway.

    • Lee Turner says:

      For those present at Jeff Field Monday night to hear what I said, the reference I made to a theme was to esse qualm videoing. There are many interesting net linkages to the phrase beyond being North Carolina’s motto. Included is fact that it is on coat of arms of English Turner family.

  21. It was my first Reunion. Dave Kulas offered the invite but I thought he was just trying to plug the empty spots with dropouts to keep the numbers up. So it took some nudging, But I finally Agree’ d. ,,,Just kidding. We had a great time spotting faces we had forgotten. re-living our youth with Great Times and beautiful memories from the past . We are so privileged to have the vision of this special window of time into our past. Many have not been so lucky. Thank you father God for our blessings. My prayer is that you find favor with those we call friends and classmates. A prayer of blessings to all. To those who put out the efforts to organize many thanks. We look forward to the very next invite.
    Allen N Joyce Rothering@ Second Chance ranch

  22. Wayne and Pam Chalus says:

    Dear Classmates,
    Pam and I are sorry that we were unable to make the reunion. We miss seeing everyone.
    I would like to thank everyone who signed my Get Well card at Friday’s function at the Legion (wonderful seeing all those names), and those who would have but were unable to attend, and those who signed reluctantly, namely Stoa and Raaen 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We wish all of you a good year and the very best!!!!!
    Wayne and Pam (Hopf) Chalus

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